Based in Houston, TX, JVI Vibratory Equipment state-of-the-art vibratory feeders and material handling equipment provide innovative low maintenance, accurate feeding solutions for a wide range of processing applications for dry bulk material. Designing specialized vibratory equipment, JVI’s engineering team incorporates years of proven design experience, stringent manufacturing procedures, and extensive process knowledge to result in quality products that meet your exact requirements and specifications.

JVI’s products and equipment is masterfully designed, easily installed and provides low maintenance operations with precise, adjustable feed rates.
Some of these include:

Electromagnetic Feeders:

  • Vibrating Feeders
  • Tube Feeders
  • Dosing Feeders

Electromechanical Feeders:

  • Vibrating Feeders
  • Vibrating Tube Feeders
  • Vibrating Conveyors

JVI’s latest addition is the TITAN Discharge Feeder.

The TITAN Discharge System is a patented vibrating feeder system designed specifically for discharging long, slotted hoppers. This unique arrangement maximizes hopper volume while minimizing work envelope requirements. This provides optimum front to back material flow out of the hopper at fixed or variable feed rates.

The TITAN SYSTEM Features:

    • Low wear and maintenance
    • Low energy consumption
    • Minimal vertical head room
    • High storage capacities

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