Natural Air Vibrator Co., or NAVCO, have solved bulk material flow problems using pneumatic piston and electromechnical vibrators since 1955. Incorporating the most advanced manufacturing techniques, quality control, and bulk solidsflow technology, NAVCO provides affective solutions utilizing reliable field proven equipment.

NAVCO has technically oriented stocking distributors in major cities throughout North America who provide local inventory and knowledgeable personal service. NAVCO offers more than just vibrators. They offer solutions to material flow problems — and we stand behind them!


BH 3 Long Bin/Hopper Vibrator

The NAVCO BH 3 LO is a Pneumatic Piston Vibrator designed to provide reliable and effective performance, even when exposed to severe averse elements. The size and operating of the BH 3 makes it ideally suitable for solving medium to heavy duty bulk material flow problems

Electromechanical Vibrators

The NAVCO electromechanical vibrator is designed specifically for use as an eccentric weight vibratory motor. Also called rotary electric vibrators or drives, the design incorporates a heavy winding, a beefed up, oversized shaft, and special heavy-duty roller bearings. NAVCO vibratory drives are easy to install and provide reliable, low maintenance service. They are ideal as either a flow aid solution on bins and hoppers or as a drive mechanism for vibratory feeders and screens. The drive does not require retuning and offers reliable feed rates regardless of material load size.

This premium quality drive is built to hold up in the most rugged of applications. It is dust tight, suitable for wash down and designed for continuous duty of 100% of maximum force output.

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