C.B.P. Engineering Corp. was founded in 1970 as a spin off from their then English parent company, Greenbank Engineering, to cover the North American market place. Greenbank started business in 1954 and serviced the European and other world markets. Through the years, CBP Engineering has investigated virtually every product that has entered the market as a ceramic based abrasion resistant material. Whether your application requires cast basalt, alumina ceramic, AZS or silicon carbides, you can be assured that the materials supplied meet their own high standards and well exceed your expectations.

Ceramic Lined 12 Way Cyclone Manifold used in coal preparation.

Cast Basalt Lined Pipe & Fittings Cast Basalt is a neo-volcanic eruptive rock with is cast in a method similar to that of cast iron. After careful annealing it forms a re-crystallized back ceramic of extreme hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition it will withstand temperatures up to 800 deg.F. Unlike other materials which roughen as solids pass over it, cast basalt develops a high polish. Its slick surface allows materials to flow freely which eliminates hang ups and blockages. Cast Basalt can be cast into virtually any shape. For its use as pipework lining the cast basalt is cast into cylinders. The cylinders are typically inserted into a steel shell and secured with cement. The exterior casing can be spiral welded pipe, standard ERW pipe, fiberglass, stainless steel etc. The pipe ends can be flanged, plain for dressers or grooved for victaulic couplings. Flanged ends can be adapted to fit up to any existing system. Fittings, including elbows, tees, laterals etc. can be lined with cast basalt. The overall dimensions of the fittings are not limited and therefore any centerline radius elbow can be built and lined. Tests and field experience gathered over the last 40 years show that cast basalt will our wear most other wear products in slurry applications.

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