For over 35 years, Polydeck Screen Corporation has been the leading provider of modular screening solutions for the aggregate, coal, and mining industries. Their extensive selections of screen panels, frame systems and accessories have helped producer companies save time, increase production output, extend screen service life, reduce maintenance needs and improve worker safety.

Their screen media product lines include:


Modular 1’ X 2’ rubber screen media that is available in various compounds for flexibility or stiffness or microbial resistance or high temperature applications. Their softer “Flexi” rubber design option has proven to be extremely effective in eliminating blinding. Their standard rubber compounds resist abrasion so you can get longer wear life than competitive screen media options currently on the market.


Modular 1’ X 1’ and 1’ X 2’ polyurethane screen media that features the widest range of opening sizes, shapes and configurations available today. Whatever your screening needs, Polydex® screen panels can provide an effective solution, from high open area to extended wear life to fine wet sizing to non-plugging, and on and on.


Their high performance, bolt-down rubber solution that addresses the most abrasive, abusive scalping applications. Using high pressure BIM (binary injection molding) technology, a custom gum rubber compound and high strength/low alloy steel backing, Armadex™ can outwear competitive solutions by as much as 2 to 1. Armadex™ is available in section sizes up to 48” X 96”.

The heart of their highly-effective screening solutions is their patented PipeTop IITM stringer system.

  • Narrower ½” wide rails achieve higher open area by allowing more holes on the surface of each screen panel;
  • 2 per foot or 3 per foot fastening locations depending on the holding power needs of your application;
  • Interchangeable fastening options give you maximum flexibility without having to remove the frame itself;
  • Available as bundled stringer rails, pre-jigged conversions or as complete deck frames.


And all Polydeck screening solutions are backed by the most comprehensive Performance Guarantee in the industry. It ensures that:

  1. Their screening solution will be more cost-effective than your existing screen media;
  2. Your screening efficiency will be maintained or increased;
  3. You will meet your product specification.

Polydeck and LYNUM-Progressive – Your Trusted Screening Resource.

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