Located in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, FLSmidth Knelson exists to provide unique processing solutions to the world. These solutions include Knelson Gravity Solutions (KGS) and Knelson Engineering & Manufacturing (KEM) With 2,500 installations in over 70 countries world wide, the Knelson Concentrator is the preferred choice of centrifugal concentrators.

Batch Concentrators

The semi-continuous (batch) Kenlson Concentrator is the most widely utilized centrifugal concentration device in the industry. With unit capacities ranging from laboratory scale to 1000 tonnes of solids per hour, the Knelson Concentrator combines centrifugally enhanced gravitational forces with a patented bed fluidization process to provide unmatched performance in the recovery of special metals. The semi-continuous Knelson Concentrator has been successfully applied in the recovery of gold, platinum, silver, mercury, and native copper.

Continuous Concentrators

The patented Continuous Concentrator Variable- Discharge (CVD) concentrator was developed to address specific mineral recovery applications which are amenable to enhanced gravity separation but, due to comparatively high content of target mineral, are not practical for convention patch tye concentration methods. The Knelson CVD concentrator is also the only continuous centrifugal concentrator available that utilizes Knelson’s widely proven patented fluid bed technology.

Acacia Reactor

The ConSep ACACIA Reactor is a patented, highly efficiency leaching system, exclusively designed to handle the high-grade concentrates produced by Knelson Concentrators. The system us designed to maximize gold recovery from the gravity contractors and provide numerous process advantages over a conventional gold room. The ConSep ACACIA Reactor recovers gravity gold as an electrowinning product and allows daily accounting of gravity concentrate. The system can be designed to almost any plant requirement while the design intrety will compromise the process.


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