Mineral Processing and Slurry Pump Solutions

GIW Minerals is the recognized leader in design, manufacturing and application of heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps. This reputation is a result of GIW’s commitment to improving slurry pump design and technology; supported by full scale performance certification testing on water. GIW has contributed to the understanding of slurry transport by constructing a facility aimed at gathering quality data to support customers in the proper selection, application, installations and operation of centrifugal slurry pumps for their solid transport system.

LSR Pump

The LSR pump endures success. The rubber lined heavy-duty LSR excels under hard conditions such as mill circuit and other abrasive applications. The ultra modern hydraulic design guarantees operating efficiency, outpacing all other pumps. Plus, the cartridge bearing assembly is easily removed for minimized maintenance and uninterrupted power.

WBC Pump

The WBC pump is cool under pressure. Ideally suited for the unpredictable conditions connected with ore and tailing transport, such as sudden pressure surges. WCB pumps are distinguished by a patented hydraulic design that minimizes wear and tear. The shell, built to withstand high pressure application, reduces structural failures.  A pump for the long haul with unbeatable performance.


The LSA-S stands up to sever conditions. Even the most challenging slurries can’t stop the LSA-S. Hard iron pumps keep the flow steady for one tailing transport as well as for plant processes. The hard metal wet end with cartridge bearing assembly simplifies installation. Long life operation and easy maintenance are ensured by a single wall contraction. Dependability that pays off.

About GIW Industries Inc

GIW Industries Inc. was established as a small privately owned foundry and machine shop in 1891. By 1914 the company was supplying slurry pumps to the Florida phosphate industry. Over the years, GIW became known for its severe abrasive handling pumps and began a century of facility expansion and technology growth. In 1996 GIW became a full subsidiary of KSB and in 2014 the GIW® Minerals brand was established.

GIW Minerals makes sure that every step of your pumping process is covered. Offering total customer support for all of your slurry pumping equipment, they are your one stop shop with the ability to tackle the most extreme duty and slurry conditions with excellent quality and customer service. With first-class products and excellent service, GIW makes it a priority to offer you nothing short of the best in Slurry Pump Solutions and Mineral Processing Equipment.

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