Progressive Rubber Industries (PRI) specialises in Rubber Lining, Rubber Moulding, Ceramic Lining and Steel Fabrication.  PRI is the leader in the manufacture of abrasion and corrosion resistant components for the Mining, Mineral Processing, Aggregate and Power Industries.  With a successful history of growth and product development, Progressive Rubber Industries offers, in-house, a complete range of products and services.   PRI will take your project from initial material and product evaluation through design, fabrication, lining, casting or moulding to machining, painting, and shipping with effective QA and QC at every step.  Offered materials include a wide variety of rubber compounds, polyurethane, metals and ceramics.  PRI’s experts are available to come to your site to review your applications and offer cost effective solutions that will benefit your company by increasing availability and productivity.  PRI’s skilled and experienced staff has the expertise to better serve your needs.

The PRI Team is committed to reducing your costs and downtime, while meeting your delivery requirements with high quality components.



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